Toshio Obi

Japanese nationality; Born in 1947

 (Currently) Professor Emeritus  and adviser of Waseda University , Chairman, Institute of e-Government , Waseda University Japan

(Career) Prof. Dr. Toshio Obi holds a Ph.D. from Waseda University and a Master degree from Keio University. He has worked for the UN Development Program as a program planner. He has served as visiting fellows at Columbia University (USA, Peking University (China, St. Petersburg State UniversityRussia, and Essex University (UK. He is a member of various advisory committees of the Japanese Government including: Chair, National e-Government Promotion Council, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC); advisory member of the Prime Minister’s IT Strategy Council; President, International Academy of CIOs; Chair, UNESCO/UNITWIN Program on Disaster Management; President, APEC e-Government Research Center; and Special Envoy to the Secretary General of ITU for Academia. He has published more than 40 books, including The Aging Society and ICT and annual World e-Government Rankings. He has received the MIC Minister’s Award (twice,2013 and 2015) and an Emperor Blue Ribbon Medal

Recent activities; Moderator of APT ICT Leaders workshop with MIC in Tokyo ,Nov. 2017; Speaker at UN Social Development Commission for SDGs in New York ,Feb.2018; Invited academia, ITU AI Summit in Geneva June 2017;APEC TEL chair on e-Ageing ,Bangkok,Dec.2017;speaker at Shanghai Forum June 2018;speaker at Moscow Urban Forum in July 2018 ;and Co-chair ,Japan-China Ageing Society Forum in Tokyo in July 2018