Established in 1984 as China’s largest local scientific research institute,Beijing Academy of Science and Technology (BJAST) is a large multi-discipline, comprehensive and cross-industry scientific and technological research institute that directly belongs to the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, with its full allocation from the government. BJAST has 30 direct subordinate units, 8 of which are application technology development research institutes, 10 of which are public interests research institutes, 3 of which are halls for the popularization of science and technology, 9 of which are institutions for scientific and technological services. BJAST is committed to facilitate the economic and social development of Beijing. Since 2010, BJAST cultivates senior service innovation as an emerging strategic field with high priority and establish the research direction of "community development and innovation in home-based senior care service". With investing more than 50 million RMB in scientific research, BJAST has completed dozens of projects on innovation of senior care service, including "The construction of international lab of service for the elderly", "The study of community and home-based technology in elderly service", "The study of policies and criteria in community service for the elderly", "The study of technology in senior health and safety", "The study and application of community health promotion service in an active-aging society", and so on.
Founded in 1984, Beijing Research Center of Urban System Engineering,a subordinate institute of BJAST, is a soft science research institute featuring on the cross of natural sciences and social sciences. Its research fields include service for the elderly, urban operation and management, community development, regional and rural area development and project management. It uses comprehensively the theories and methods of systematic engineering to carry out qualitative and quantitative analysis of economic society, science and technology and environment and ecology etc, providing research consulting service for the decision-making assisting system of the country and Beijing Macro-management departments. The center has persisted in establishing an open, free and cooperative R&D environment, and setting up international pipelines to enhance knowledge and technology exchange. Since the founding of the Center, it has fulfilled more than 100 research programs for the Central or Beijing Municipality, gained over 40 Scientific and Technological Progress Awards on various levels, published more than 300 academic articles and over 30 publications.
Beijing Yiyang Science and Technology Co., Ltd, co-funded by Beijing Research Center of Urban System Engineering subordinate to BJAST, Beijing Science and Power New Technology Development Corp, and scientific research personnel, is a science and technology service enterprise with nearly ten years’ of research and practice experience in community and elder care. Its core business is to provide and operate solutions of home-based elder care service based on comprehensive service technology of active and smart ageing. Besides, it also owns two brands of “BJAST Elder Care” and “BJAST Loho House” and qualifications like capability assessment of the elderly in Beijing, the elder care and helping the disabled service provider in Beijing and the care service provider for moderate and severe disabilities in Xicheng District.

“BJAST Loho House” is a scientific research team under BJAST and a home-based elder care service brand based on the transformation of scientific research achievements of elder care service innovation and community demonstration over the past years. With the vision of “Accompanying the elderly at the closest place to home, Actively caring the elderly, and Living happily” and service goals of “Health, Happy, Respect, and Vitality” of the elderly, it has explored a set of new models of home-based elder care suitable to Chinese elderly, realized the integration of expert health promotion functions of physical exercise, brain invigoration, psychological counseling and cognitive training, and helped the elderly to relieve ageing and be ageing successfully with the combined use of physical fitness, reminiscence, music, gardening and other non-drug adjuvant therapies.

In April, 2017, Beijing Loho House Elder Care Promotion Center, the non-organization, was set up by the approval of Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau. Now, it has be carrying out sustainable health promotion service in over 40 communities in six streets in Xicheng District, Haidian District, Mentougou District and Daxing District.

Founded in 1986, upon the approval of Beijing Municipal People's Government and Beijing Municipal Organization Committee, Beijing Exchange Center of Science and Technology (BECST) is a legally independent organization affiliated to Beijing Academy of Science and Technology. It aims to carry out international communication and collaboration, promote interactions between the research, cultural and industrial communities in Beijing and their counterparts in China and the world, serve the socio-economic development of Beijing and the whole country, and enhance the friendship between Beijing and regions and countries around the world. With the great support of superior units, BECST has successfully established a tight network with government offices, universities, research institutes, enterprises and public institutions in China and the world, launched various influential events, accumulated abundant resources and experiences, and provided effective services for many institutions with respect to international S&T collaboration and exchange. At present, BECST also undertakes the responsibilities of the Secretariat Office of the Institute Alliance of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region and the Beijing Office of Eurasia-Pacifc Uninet. As one of the significant stakeholders in international S&T collaboration and exchange in Beijing, BECST continues to contribute to Beijing's construction of the national center for S&T innovation and international exchange.
Founded in 1973, Beijing Computing Center is one of the earliest and most influential institutes in research and development of computer application and technical service. It has made great contributions to the popularization, application and development of computers in China. Its cooperation with the United Nations Development Program in 1978 was the first international cooperation in the field of computers. In 1990, it undertook the computer engineering program of the 11th Asian Games and won a special award of Scientific and Technological Progress of Beijing Municipality. With more than 30 years of reform and development, the Center now has developed a great many techniques and products that take the lead domestically or internationally in the fields of Internet, vertical search, software development, wireless communication, supervision and testing on radio and TV signal, web optimization and service, video supervision etc.